hook hook noun 1. a curved piece of metal, plastic or wire for hanging things on, catching fish with, etc. • 鈎;钓鈎;挂鈎;鱼鈎:
»a picture / curtain / coat hook
»a fish hook
»Hang your towel on the hook.
--› see also boathook 2. (in boxing 拳击运动) a short hard blow that is made with the elbow bent • 鈎拳:
»a left hook to the jaw
3. (in cricket and golf 板球及高尔夫球) a way of hitting the ball so that it curves sideways instead of going straight ahead • 曲线球 【IDIOMS】 by ˌhook or by ˈcrook • using any method you can, even a dishonest one • 想方设法;不择手段 get (sb) off the ˈhook | let sb off the ˈhook • to free yourself or sb else from a difficult situation or a punishment • (使)摆脱困境,逃避惩罚 hook, line and ˈsinker • completely • 完全地;毫无保留:
»What I said was not true, but he fell for it (= believed it) hook, line and sinker.
off the ˈhook • if you leave or take the telephone off the hook, you take the receiver (= the part that you pick up) off the place where it usually rests, so that nobody can call you • (为防止电话打进来而使听筒)不挂上 --› more at ring ² v., sling v. verb 1. [+adv. / prep.] to fasten or hang sth on sth else using a hook; to be fastened or hanging in this way • (使)鈎住,挂住: ▪ [VN]
»We hooked the trailer to the back of the car.
▪ [V]
»a dress that hooks at the back
2. [+adv. / prep.] to put sth, especially your leg, arm or finger, around sth else so that you can hold onto it or move it; to go around sth else in this way • (尤指用腿、胳膊、手指等)鈎住,箍住: ▪ [VN]
»He hooked his foot under the stool and dragged it over.
»Her thumbs were hooked into the pockets of her jeans.
▪ [V]
»Suddenly an arm hooked around my neck.
3. [VN] to catch a fish with a hook • 钓(鱼):
»It was the biggest pike I ever hooked.
»(figurative) She had managed to hook a wealthy husband.
4. [VN] (especially in golf , cricket or football ( soccer ) 尤指高尔夫球、板球或足球) to hit or kick a ball so that it goes to six side instead of straight ahead • 打曲线球;踢弧线球 【PHR V】 ˌhook ˈup (to sth) | ˌhook sb / sth∽ˈup (to sth) • to connect sb / sth to a piece of electronic equipment, to a power supply or to the Internet • 连接到电子设备(或电源、互联网);接通:
»She was then hooked up to an IV drip.
»Check that the computer is hooked up to the printer.
»A large proportion of the nationˈs households are hooked up to the Internet.
ˌhook ˈup with sb (informal) 1. to meet sb and spend time with them • 与某人来往 2. to start working with sb • 搭档工作
* * *
n. 鉤, 吊鉤
v. 鉤住, 沉迷, 上癮

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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